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This week the GameEnthus crew along with our friends Justin aka Jlove aka @DefterEquation9 and @Rashanii from Single Simulcast/Sin&Solace talk about Kingdoms of Amalur The Reckoning, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Star Wars The Old Republic, Shank 2, Gotham City Imposters, The Darkness, The Simpsons Arcade game, Resident Evil Revelations, Quarrel, Twisted Metal, The Darkness 2, Battle Pacman, DisneyLand Adventures, The League, Triple Town, Spider-man, Brand, A Voxel Action and more. If you like the show please leave us an itunes/Zune review, a tweet, an email or a voicemail (202-573-7686). We also would appreciate comments.


Show Length: 131  mins Direct Download

Show Links/Info

@Rashanii's  shows --> Single Simulcast/Sin and Solace

BigRob's Youtube Page


The League Birthday Song(NSFW)

@UsfHbomb's  show ---> Cross Border Gaming

Hbomb on AudioBoo

Henry "Box" Brown

Triple Town on Google+

Independent Thought Games

Brand  from  Nine Dot Studios

A Voxel Action   from   NeoBlogKosy

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@DefterEquation9 @Rashanii  @USFhbomb

@BigRob029 @Tiny415 @Ind1fference @AssaultSuit

@GameEnthus @EnthusLife

Show Music

Intro - Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think

Break 1 - Duck Tales - African Mines Stage music

Break 2 - Pharoah Monch - The Light

Break 3 - Duck Tales - Translyvania Stage music

Break 4 - Nice & Smooth - Cake and Eat it too

Outro - Reflection Eternal ft. Les Nubians - Love Language

Showcap - Medina Green ft. Mos Def - Crosstown Beef

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