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GameEnthus Podcast ep210: Extreme Exclusivity or Flavor Scale



This week Robby(@GnTRobby1051) from GameNTalk and Slider(@Sliderwave) stop by GameEnthus HQ to talk with Tiny(@Tiny415),  Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) about: Ralph Baer (RIP), Common, Oblivion, The Lego Movie, Playstation Experience, The Video Game Awards, Grand Theft Auto V, Shadows of Mordor, Halo Master Chief Collection, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Luftrausers, Forza Horizon 2,  Freedom Wars, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Uncharted 4, Uncharted Golden Abyss, South Park Stick of Truth, Shantae and the Pirate's curse, Speakeasy, Nidhogg, Kings of Kung Fu, Stealth Inc. 2, Xeodrifter, Sunset Overdrive, Tennis in the face, I am Bread, Steel Empire, Threes, JUJU, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, IDARB, Boom Ball for Kinect, Flyhunter Origins, Shape Up, Adam Sandler, field hockey, Major Payne, The Last Dragon, Tron, Marvel movies, The Flash, Kingsmen, Nolan Bushnel, Pong, Amiibo, Street Fighter V, Quantum Theory, The Order 1886, Hardcore
History, Wanted
and more.



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Show Music

Intro  1 - Common - Celebrate instrumental

Break 2 - The Gap Band - I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

Break 3 - Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

Break 4 - De La Soul - Pass the Plugs

Break 5 - John Legend - Ordinary People

Break 6 - Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode - Aqua Base

Break 7 - Ice Climbers

Break 8 - Hip-Hop for Respect - One Four Love Part I

Break 9 - Hip-Hop for Respect - One Four Love Part I

Break 10 - Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, Lyndhurst Orchestra - Gladiator soundtrack - Now We are Free

Outro/Showcap - Wu-Tang Clan - A Better Tomorrow Instrumental




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