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GameEnthus Podcast ep267: Iron Inversus Man or Geriatric Weaponry?

 This week Ryan(@RyanJuckett) creator of Inversus and founder of @Hypersect chats with Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to discuss: Inversus, GO, Hypersect, Bungie, Destiny, Othello, Neversoft, Pandemic, Project Offset, Gun, Tony Hawk American Wasteland, Tony Hawk Project 8, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, Red Flags, New 2 US, Guitar Hero DS, Kimmy Schmidt, The Legend of Korra, Civil War, Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, Superman Games, Hulk Games, Pit People, Dark Souls 3, The Witness, Circles, Humble Bundle, Graceful Explosion Machine, Arelite, AssaultSuit Vulcan, Cybernator, Aurion The Legacy of Kori-Odan, Kiro'o Games, Paranautical Activity, Bayonetta 2, Gabe Newell, Severed, Double Dragon Neon, Gears of War 4 beta, Overwatch Beta, Oxenfree, Azkend 2: The World Beneath, Skyward Sword, Super Hot, Coffin Dodgers, The Analog Circle Podcast, The Walking Dead Season 1, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, To The Moon, Gears of War 2, Nintendo NX, E3 and more.



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