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GameEnthus Podcast XBSX Show: Spiritual Reboots for All or The Podcast


This we...time Goose (@WhoDaGoose) and Kiuan (@Kiaun79) from The Analog Circle Podcast join Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) talk about: Microsoft's Xbox Series X Showcase, Baylan Wonderland Wonderworld, Dragon Quest XI, Halo Infinite, State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport, Everwild, Tell Me Why, OuterWorlds Perils of Gorgon, Grounded, Avowed, As Dusk Falls, Hellblade 2, Psychonauts 2, Destiny 2, Stalker 2, Darktide, Tetris Effect Connected, The Gunk, The Medium, New Genesis PSO2, Crossfire X, Fable, Detroit Become Human, Peter Dinklage and more.



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