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A celebration of gaming's analog and digital delights. The podcast features Aaron(@Ind1fference), Mike(@AssaultSuit). David@(Tiny415) and typically a guest.

The GameEnthus crew is joined by Steve aka LevityNYC for this week's audible outing. Our topics this week include but are not limited to:Di Fara's pizza, Mortal Kombat, Spawn HD 720, Brink, Socom 4, Married with Children, exotic fruit, Portal 2, Star Raiders, Gatling Gears, Sequence, Gears of War 3 beta, Bangio-O HD and did I mention pizza? Hope you enjoy the show and feel free to leave us, hopefully positive, feedback on itunes and/or the Zune Marketplace. When you're done listening check out our forums, leave us some voicemail @ (202) 573-7686 or email us at


Show length: ~111min Direct Download *right click to Download

Show Links

Steve/LevityNYC's pizza videos ---> video 1, video 2, video 3


Independent Thought Game

Sequence - Iridium Studios Sequence dev video

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Show Music

Intro - Common(sense) - This is me

Break 1 - EPMD - So Whatchusayin'

Break 2 - Looking Glass - Brandy(You're a fine girl)

Break 3 - Cocoa Brovas - Super Brooklyn

Outro - Dr. Dooom - Dr. Dooom is in the room

Showcap - Public Enemy - PE#1

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