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GameEnthus Podcast ep332: Metal Glove or Do it Worse


This week  Mike(@AssaultSuit) and  Aaron(@Ind1fference) talk about: MAGfest, Mr. Show with Bob and David, The Farthest, Neil Degrass-Tyson, The Toys that Made Us, Tom Kalinske, Fight Knight, Monopoly Deal, Percy Harris, Bright, Coco, Youtube, TheGamesmenRPG, Bloodstained, Detroit: Become Human, Shenmue 3, God of War, Crackdown, Halo 6, Mafia 2, Titanfall 2, Halo 5, Super Mario Odyssey, Hello Neighbor, Swordy, Next Up Hero, Stick Fight: The Game, Murder Miners, I Wanna be the Cat, MagiCat, Violet Cycle, Super Mario RPG, Bridge Constructor Portal, InnerSpace, Puzzle Box Maker, Styx Shards of Darkness, Labo and more.




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