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GameEnthus Podcast ep366: Goofy Relations or Dougxiety


This week Jazz (@Its_JazzYo) from ItsJazzYo on Youtube  joins Tiny (@Tiny415) and  Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Kingdom Hearts, Thriving Ivory, Midnight Cinema, Feeding America, Epic Mickey, Deadly Class, The Guardians, Annihilation, IO, Too Many Games, Extra Life, Bumblebee, The Good Place, Shaft, The Office, PSVR, Nintendo Switch, Virtual Boy, You Have A Drunk Friend, Portal Knights, Kingdom Hearts 3, Egggg- the Platform Puker, Second Life, Metro Last Light, Apex Legends, Ticket to Ride, WarGroove, Mystic Vale, WarGroove, Riot Civil Unrest, Melbits World, Magic Nations, Guns N Stories Bulletproof, Mercury Race, Egggg- the Platformer Puker, Downhill Domination, Rocket Power, Doug, Hey Arnold!, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Ren & Stimpy, XBL SDK, DashCon, Universal FanCon, Iron Galaxy, The Escapist and more. 




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Intro/Jazz Anecdotes    1min  5sec

Tiny Anecdotes          18min 27sec

Aaron Anecdotes        36min 52sec

Feedback                   51min 30sec              

Games Jazz played         1hr  3min 

Generational Tangent     1hr 19min        

Games Tiny played        1h  31min

Games Aaron played      1h  50min

Topical Topics               2h  14min

Outro                         2h  35min



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