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GameEnthus Podcast ep376: Jackson Cinematic Universe or Over The Top


This week Mike Mika (@MikeJMika) from Digital Eclipse and Other Ocean joins Mike (@AssaultSuit)Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Bird Box, A Quiet Place, Ned Stark, Hitman, Medievil, Samurai Showdown Collection, SNK, Intellivision, Project Tankball, #IDARB, Video Game History Foundation, Glitchtechs, Digital Eclipse, Other Ocean, Backbone, Foundation 9, Sumo Digital, FPGAs, Mister, Greendog, NFL Blitz, Genetic Fantasia, Way of the Warrior, Next Generation Magazine, OG Xbox, Donkey Kong, Spider-man Far From Home, langostino, John Wick Hex, Watchmen series, James Cameron, Avengers: Endgame, Goldeneye, Trevor McFur, Rayman, Atari Jaguar, The Predators, Resident Evil 2, Super Blood Hockey, Sea of Thieves, Rare, Player One Podcast, Venture Kid, OTTTD, AKANE, TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD, Shards of Infinity, Brief Battles, Puyo Puyo Championship, Haiku Warrior, DOS, Street Fighter Exceed, Pok√©mon Ultra Moon, Trauma Team, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Eternal Darkness, XBAND, WeaponLord, EA Access, Anthem, Crunch Culture and more.




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Intros/Mike Mika's updates - 1min 2sec
AssaultSuit's updates - 45min
Aaron's updates - 1h 3min
Tiny's updates - 1h 22min
Feedback and randomness - 1h 25min
Games Mike Mika played - 1h 31min
Games AssaultSuit played - 1h 39min
Games Aaron played - 1h 44min
Games Tiny played - 1h 58min
Outro - 2h 17min


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Other Ocean

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Eternal Darkness

Avengers Vs Bowser

Mega 64 - Metal Gear Solid in 10 minutes

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